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Features in our Editorial Layout Builder

Using the Layout Easy editorial layout builder is super easy and delivers a number of benefits and features.

editorial layout builder

Fully automated editorial layout builder

No more drag & drop design

The Layout Easy plugin empowers editors and content marketing professionals to edit and style WordPress website content visually, eliminating time-consuming drag & drop editors or having to code.

Easy to design editorials with style

500+ Layouts to choose from

Make your content shine and get that premium glossy feel that it deserves. What is the point of creating premium content if the presentation is subpar?
With over 500+ layouts to choose from, it has never been easier to publish great looking content on WordPress.

editorial layout builder
editorial layout builder

Get that glossy UX in your editorials that you want

It's never been easier.

Spending too much time on making your content meeting your minimum requirements? Looking to replicate that print feeling but don't have the tools or think that drag-and-drop editors are the best out there. Look no further!

Performance without having to code

Faster Performance = Better SEO

Most page-builder plugins for WordPress routinely output complex, nested code and a rat’s nest of inline styles, creating a poorly performing, unreliable, and untenable mess.

“LayoutEasy saves me at least 70% of my time when publishing editorials on WordPress”

- James Holm

Automotive Photographer & Writer