Most people we talk to do either of two things when publishing their premium content.

Most people we talk to do either of two things when publishing their premium content using two methods;

  • Simple single column design: Publish text in simple single column design with a few pictures in between text, or an;
  • Ad hoc design: Most people we talk to use drag & drop editors (Divi, Elementor, ..) designing one-offs to make their editorial content to shine and above all have more options than aforementioned single column design.

So what is so bad with the above two options you say? Millions of WordPress users can’t be wrong, right? 

Well before we deep dive into those two options let’s first discuss what all the statistics and best practices say about how you increase your content engagement, avg time spent, etc, etc.

At the same time, low-quality web design reduces the content and brand value. Let us elaborate. You could create a state-of-the-art piece of content. However, if the web design around this content doesn’t match the quality of the content itself, people won’t be compelled to read it, thus reducing its value and perceived quality.

With all the petabytes of content, internet users are extremely picky about what content they consume. They are ready to judge the book by its cover, so how you design that cover has a positive impact on their first impression. Users form first impressions in less than 50 milliseconds, and 40% of them leave a website if they don’t find the layout alluring. Therefore, it is essential that not only does your website design stand out from the crowd, but also your content marketing looks premium.

Everything from the theme, fonts, and colors to the background and alignment needs to provide a cohesive experience. Another thing to ensure is that your text doesn’t look cramped by the smart use of white space that gives your readers the chance to rest their eyes and recollect their thoughts.

Exercise simplicity by drawing user attention to important parts of the content in a way that entices them to continue reading. According to eye-tracking research, website visitors tend to follow the F-shaped pattern when reading web content which is characterized by multiple fixations concentrated at the top and the left side of the page.

In sum, if you created premium content video, text & imagery, you want to also invest that the framing of that content feels premium enough.

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